The Workshop is traditionally held every year in Zagreb, the capital city of Croatia, during the Festival of Tolerance – Jewish Film Festival Zagreb. In 2014, we will mark the 7th edition of the Workshop which will last from May 17 to May 24.

After the call for entries ends, the selection committee chooses two screenplays that correspond to the given theme as well as ten participants. The participants are divided into two groups, each consisting of a director, screenwriter, editor, cinematographer and sound designer.

The programme of the Talent Workshop consists of a series of lectures, film screenings, screenplay development, shooting, editing, open discussions in a friendly atmosphere and, finally, realization of two short digital films, each group making one. The Workshop unites film theory and practice, with the aim of filling the gap between formal education and its practical applications, and creating a multicultural dialogue among participants from all over the world. Our mission is to produce tangible and quality driven results while working in a highly open-minded atmosphere.

We feel that by working in small groups filmmakers gain invaluable one on- one experience. We also wish to give them the opportunity to express their individuality through their professional skills while at the same time challenging and being challenged by other colleagues and learning from masters.

The theoretical part of ITW consists of lectures of renowned professionals from film industry: directors, actors, writers and producers. At these sessions, participants will have the opportunity to pose them questions and get concise and quality answers.

The first part of the practical work of the Workshop is finishing the selected screenplays, that is editing the scripts within the groups and creating the director’s concept as to eventually complete the pre-production of future films. The second part consists of the actual film production: shooting and editing under professional guidance of two supervisors. So, the participants will be led through the whole process of filmmaking, starting with writing/editing scripts, through the directing, filming, editing and, finally, ending with films’ screenings, by prominent international and local film experts.

After the films have been edited, they are presented to the Festival of Tolerance audience on the last day of the Festival. The jury, consisting of three notable professionals from the fields of film and art, then pronounces the winning group.

The films are later submitted to numerous international film festivals.

Lectures will be organized at the Academy of Dramatic Art and various studios, shooting of short films will takes place at locations throughout the city, while their premiere screenings will be held at the “Europa” cinema as a part of the final day programme of the Festival.

Detailed program, with the schedule of lectures, pre-production, shooting and editing, will be determined on begining of May, 2014.