lustig predavanjaToday Branko Lustig has officially begun the sixth International Talent Workshop with his welcoming lecture. Seven young talents from Europe and Croatia attended the presentation of the doyen of world cinema in the relaxed atmosphere of ”Pogon” in Mislavova street.

With the participants Branko Lustig shared part of his rich cinematic experience with accompanying anecdotes and insightful analysis of European and Hollywood cinema. The presentation was followed by an optional questions and answers section after which the participants were left to work on the script of the film which will be recorded in the next few days.

Next lecture is organized on Sunday, 19.05 at 15:00, and it will be held by our guest from USA Bram Tihany. He began his creative career in commercial design freelancing as an illustrator, model maker, and product designer. In 2003 he received a Bachelor of Arts in Film and Photography from Pratt Institute.

His short films have garnered numerous awards and grants and have been featured domestically and internationally in festivals, including the Kodak Emerging Filmmakers Showcase at the Cannes Film Festival. While studying filmmaking he was introduced to traditional black & white photography and quickly adopted the form as a primary medium. His exploration of photography currently encompasses a broadening creative range, and he has travelled around the world shooting commissioned and personal projects. Tihany also serves as creative director for Theory Engine INC, his production company specializing in installation video animation.