Darko LungulovDarko Lungulov – was born in Belgrade, and is a graduate of City College of New York. He worked as director and producer for Spiral Pictures/Ross Institute. His film “Escape” was awarded with audience’s award on Hamptons International Film Festival 2004, and also had a long and successful screening life on festivals like Amsterdam International Documentary Film Festival 2004, FEST 2005, Leipzig Documentary Film Festival 2005 and Santiago de Chile 2006. Lungolov also won the “Balkan Fund” award on 47. International film festival in Salonika for his “There and here” screenplay. Aforementioned film is starred by some of the most prominent region’s actors, such as Mirjana Karanović, Branislav Trifunović, and curiously enough, former global pop star Cindy Lauper.